Our expertise

Years of experience and working for different clients from different industries have made us experts in several segments of outsourcing industries.

Whichever service you choose from us, we deliver. Outsourcing has never been easier, and our 10-year experience and multiple awards speak for us.

IT Positions

Look at some of the IT positions we are experts in recruiting.

  • .NET developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Project Scrum manager
  • Javascript developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • QA Tester
  • Python Developer
  • React Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Node.js
Simplify Your Global Growth (25)
Simplify Your Global Growth (25)4

Customer Support

-24/7 support for you and your clients. You choose the working hour!
-16 languages *English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, and Slovenian
-Project manager/ your business partner
-Data security and protection
-Dedicated office and exclusive people

Scaling your business

Our clients have:

-Increased revenue
-Streamline new segments/services
-More focus
-Choice of one or many services

Simplify Your Global Growth (25)1
Simplify Your Global Growth (25)5

Seamless onboarding

Make a great first impression on your new employees. Our years of experience and over 3000 people that have worked and are working in our team for our clients made us real experts in the onboarding process. Trust us. We will help you stand out. Your employees will love working on your projects!

Developing start-ups

Our expertise and experience can be of the most important to start-ups.

Working with small and large companies gives us perspective on what exactly one start-up would need.

Simplify Your Global Growth (25)3
Business Challenges entrepreneurs face and How to overcome them

Generating Leads

Something we are especially good at. 

Our lead gen team will blow your mind with the level of prospects they can generate.

You will level up your sales, revenue, and business growth. Call us today and book your consultations with our Sales rep.

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