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We constantly search, train and manage the best talents, in order to match them with reputable entrepreneurs who shape the future of business.


We believe the best talents from South and East Europe, when put in an strong positive environment with top notch management, can help innovative startups worldwide achieve greatness beyond measure! We prove that every day since 2014!


By intensive HR protocols we hire for you the best suitable people and introduce them to your company DNA. Then we make sure the working environment is second to none so that your remote team feels the importance of greatness and commitment to work hard.


We help you take care of the most important goals of your entrepreneurial vision by providing:
• Sales • Support • Marketing • IT
People that will work for you exclusively, remotely and for less cost, making your business easy to grow!

Team SBG

Takes minimum 4 years to be part of our pack. All of us made it through huge challenges and came out stronger. Bring it on!

Marko Dubočanin Marko Dubočanin
Marko Dubočanin

Founder & CEO

Jovana Dautović Jovana Dautović
Jovana Dautović


Ilija Mandić Ilija Mandić
Ilija Mandić


Aleksandra Kovačević Aleksandra Kovačević
Aleksandra Kovačević


Aleksandra Mitrović Aleksandra Mitrović
Aleksandra Mitrović


Dejan Jontić Dejan Jontić
Dejan Jontić

General Manager

Stefan Djidić Stefan Djidić
Stefan Djidić

Head of HR

Djordje Djordjević Djordje Djordjević
Djordje Djordjević

Head of Operations

Stevan Djapa Stevan Djapa
Stevan Djapa

Head of RE

Danka Bakić Danka Bakić
Danka Bakić

Head of Legal

Jelena Lazarov Jelena Lazarov
Jelena Lazarov

Head of Finance

Marko Šejić Marko Šejić
Marko Šejić

Head of IT

Silver Bell Group - a word from the CEO

Silver Bell Group - a word from the CEO

Our journey

Silverbell Timeline
"More than 80% of all our employees in the HQ are still with us to this day"